Minggu, 01 Februari 2015

Benefits Of Song

Benefits of Song

There are some kinds of song mp3, like jazz, rock, classic, etc. Each genre has its own unique sound. That’s why there are some people like to listen jazz song while others like another genre. If they want to listen the music, they can easily get it on internet. Some sites even let people download it for free. It’s the easiest thing to do to be able to hear the song, because people just need to access the internet and don’t need to go anywhere. Once they download the song, they can hear it in mp3 player, handphone or notebook.
Usually the most popular music will be categorized as top chart. There will be some songs that will be listed at the top. And of course the sound of those songs is nice. But it will not last forever, because it can be replaced by a new song.
Actually there are a lot of benefits hearing the song mp3:
1.    Song mp3 Can Reduce Stress
Listening to the music before going to work will make people more enthusiasm and be able to increase their productivity as the level of stress is decreasing.
2.    Make the Sense of Hearing Better
Listening the hard sound can break the hearing. But listening the normal volume of music can protect the sense of hearing as it practices the muscle continously. As practicing the muscle of hand can make it strong, so practicing the sense of hearing can make the sense of hearing better. But of course you need to stay away from the hard sound, especially when using the headphone.
3.    Improve the Memory
Some researches proof that by listening to the music, the memory can increase. It’s very good for children in the learning stage as it can increase their memory and achievements.
4.    Good for Health
By listening to the song mp3, it can make them happy and relax. And of course it can affect their health. So that, choosing the right music can determine the body condition. 
As there are some benefits of hearing the song mp3, so you need to download the songs that have good sounds that can make you relax.